Costco Corporate Office Phone Number & Headquarters Address


Costco Corporate Office Phone Number & Headquarters Address

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Costco Headquarters

Costco is the retail company. The Costco wholesale corporation trading as Costco. It is an American Multinational corporation and it operates a chain of a membership-only warehouse club. In the year 2015 as of Costco is the second largest retailer in the world after Walmart. Costco company founded in July 12, 1976( 41 years ago)(as Price Club) and San Diego, California September 15, 1983( 34 years ago) (as Costco)Seattle, Washington and this company founder name James Sinegal, Jeffrey Brotman. The Headquarters located in Issaquah, Washington, United States. The number of location has 741 warehouses as of the year 2017.

              Costco Corporate Office Phone NumberCostco Headquarters Address
Costco Corporate Office Phone Number(425) 313-8100
Costco Headquarters AddressCostco Headquarters Inc999 Lake Drive Issaquah, WA98027
Costco  Fax Number(425) 313-8103
Twitter IDs@CostcoTweets
costco customer service phone number USA1-800-607-6861
Official Website

Costco Headquarters Location

Costco Subsidiaries

  • Costco Travel
  • Costco Wholesale Canada Ltd.
  • costco wholesale UK
  • Costco Wholesale Korea
  • Costco Wholesale Membership, Inc
  • PriceCostco
  • NW Re Ltd
  • Costco Insurance Agency, Inc.

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Costco Executive Team

  • Jeff Abadir (Senior Vice President, General Manager-Bay Area Region)
  • Claudine Adamo(Senior Vice President, Merchandising – Non-Foods & Ecommerce)
  • Andree T. Brien(Senior Vice President, National Merchandising – Canadian Region)
  • Don Burdick (Senior Vice President, E-Commerce, and Publishing)
  • Pat Callans (Senior Vice President, Human Resources and Risk Management)
  • Richard Chang(Senior Vice President, General Manager – Asia)
  • Richard C. Chavez(Senior Vice President – Costco Wholesale Industries & Business Development)
  • Victor A. Curtis(Senior Vice President, Pharmacy)
  • Richard Delie(Senior Vice President, Non-Foods & Ecommerce)
  • Caton Frates(Senior Vice President, General Manager- Los Angeles Region)
  • John B. Gaherty(Senior Vice President, General Manager- Midwest Region)
  • Richard A. Galanti(Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer)
  • Jaime Gonzalez(Senior Vice President, General Manager- Mexico)Bill Hanson(Senior Vice President, Foods & Sundries Merchandising)
  • Dan Hines(Senior Vice President, Corporate Controller)
  • W. Craig Jelinek(President and CEO)
  • Jim Klauer(Executive Vice President, COO – Northern Division and Midwest Region)
  • Paul W. Latham(Senior Vice President, Membership, Marketing & Services)
  • Franz Lazarus(Executive Vice President, Administration & Human Resources)
  • Jeffrey Long(Senior Vice President, General Manager- Northeast Region)
  • Jeffrey Lyons(Senior Vice President, Merchandising – Fresh Foods)
  • Russ Miller(Executive Vice President, COO- Southwest Division and Mexico)
  • Ali Moayeri(Senior Vice President, Construction)
  • Paul G. Moulton(Executive Vice President, Information Systems)
  • James P. Murphy(Executive Vice President, International)
  • Bob Nelson(Senior Vice President, Financial Planning and Investor Relations)
  • Mario Omoss(Senior Vice President, General Manager, Northwest Region)
  • Stephen M. Pappas(Senior Vice President, General Manager – Europe)
  • Joseph P. Portera(Executive Vice President, COO-Eastern & Canadian Divisions)
  • Pierre Riel(Senior Vice President, General Manager – Eastern Canada Region)
  • Timothy L. Rose(Executive Vice President, Costco Wholesale Industries)
  • Yoram Rubanenko (Senior Vice President, General Manager- Southeast Region)
  • James W Rutherford(Senior Vice President, Information Systems)
  • David Skinner(Senior Vice President, General Manager – Western Canada Region)
  • John Sullivan(Senior Vice President, and General Counsel)
  • John Thelan(Senior Vice President, Depot Operations)
  • Ron Vachris(Executive Vice President, COO – Merchandising)
  • Richard Webb (Senior Vice President, General Manager – Texas Region)
  • Rich Wilcox (Senior Vice President, General Manager- San Diego Region)

Costco Board of Directors

W. JelinekPresident, CEO & Director
James SinegalCo-Founder & Director
Richard GalantiExecutive VP, CFO & Director
Richard LibensonConsultant and Director Emeritus

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